Building Social Research Capacities in Higher Education Institutions in Lao PDR and Malaysia (BRECIL)

BRECIL is a multi-country Erasmus+ CBHEjoint project involving higher educationinstitutions from both the EU and ASEAN countries. It focuses onthe development of research and innovative capacities for good research governance and management through capacity building inhigher education systems. This project commences from October 2017 to October 2020. The Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya isleading this project with three EU partners, two Laos partners andanother Malaysian partner higher education institutions.

BRECIL aims to build research capacities in Laos universities, enhance research governance in Malaysia and Lao PDR and innovate new research developments through ICT technologies. The project will also expand the knowledge economy agenda and build a higher education area linking Asia and Europe by supporting the assimilation of knowledge between the EU and ASEAN partners to address conditions for research,competitiveness and cooperation.


To develop human capital and facilitate individual learning and institutional mechanisms in Social Science research in higher education institutions in Malaysia and Lao PDR through research training and capacity building, including research governance, leading to sustainable high quality research, conditions for cooperation and potential for policy impact.

BRECIL embraces these specific objectives:

  • Developing and empowering researchers in the Social Sciences via training and peer learning to design, prioritise and undertake research, write up and publish research findings and inform policy (knowledge transfer component);
  • Developing good governance of research by enhancing the capacity of research departments and teams in universities, to fund, manage and sustain themselves (research governance component); and
  • Creating a sustainable research capacity building programme in the Social Sciences including the utilisation of ICT technologies leading to sustainable high quality research, conditions for cooperation and potential for policy impact (sustainability component).


Second Steering Committee Meeting

30 May 2018
Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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