BRECIL - TOT Part 2 (Souphanouvong University)


11-15 November 2019

Souphanouvong University, Luang Prabang, Laos PDR

Building Social Research Capacities in Higher Education Institutions in Lao PDR and Malaysia (BRECIL)


The main goal for the training is:

  • To develop and empower researchers in Social Sciences via training and peer learning

 The topics of the training

  • Social Science Research Training of Trainers

The Key Facilitators

  • 4 trainers lead the activity as follows:
  1. Prof. Jens Allwood lead 2 chapters
  2. Prof. Elisabeth Ahlsen lead 2 chapters
  3. Prof. Dr. Low Wah Yun lead 4 chapters
  4. Dr. Ching Hei Kuang lead 1 chapter

The participants

  • 25 representatives from relevant faculties and offices attended. List of names attached.

Methodology of training

The training focused on applied and practical methods by using the following concepts:

  • Presenting the chapters by involving the trainees in discussion and encouraging sharing.
  • Providing opportunity for the trainees to select proposed research topics and build up on.
  • Providing equal micro-teaching opportunity to the trainees so that they will be able to deliver the contents effectively in the future. 

Subjects of the training (9 Chapters in total)

  • Chapter 2 Introduction to Doing Research
  • Chapter 3 Research Ethics
  • Chapter 7 Quantitative Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Chapter 8 Qualitative Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Chapter 10 Academic Writing
  • Chapter 11 Publication Ethics
  • Chapter 14 Multi- and Interdisciplinary Research
  • Chapter 15 Research and Society
  • Chapter 16 Adult Learning and Interplay between Teaching, Learning and Research


  • The participants completed each chapter evaluation forms and provided comments and suggestion for training module.


  • More relevant examples and exercises need to use during the training for better understanding of the participants.
  • Training module should be sent to the participants prior the training.
  • Power point Presentation should be distributed to the trainees. 

Lesson Learned

  • Some of the participants have limited English and research backgrounds, they need more time to learn about the content.
  • Time limit, the participants need more time to prepare their Micro-teaching assignment.
  • The participants have positive attitudes toward research, they show their curiosity about research.
  • Power point presentations are very useful; Many participants can follow the PPTs rather than training module.