E+CBHE Cluster Meeting

29 - 30 November 2017

Rose Garden Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar


  1. Dr. Sengdeuane Viyakone (NUOL)
  2. Bounthieng Vongsouangtham (SU)

Summary of activity:

The main purpose of the Cluster meeting was to give the targeted HEIs (Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam) the possibility to create synergies, encourage contacts and networking activities in order to increase their impact within the CBHE action. This event convenes a total of 81 delegations from Myanmar official (DG Higher Education Department), ERASMUS+ participants from Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the European Union.

During this meeting, participants have the opportunity to discuss among themselves on the various aspects related to their participation in the CBHE projects whilst exchanging experiences by sharing the challenges faced and good practices adopted in project implementation. They were exposed to the awareness that international cooperation projects are complex in nature, project management is an institutional responsibility, and the crucial roles of the International Relation Office (IRO), Finance department and Communications/IT department within the framework of project implementation.

Concerns were raised about the existence of a National Erasmus Office in the region that will link between the ministries of education, Erasmus+ project and its participants, and the EU delegation. Moreover, experiences learn from the workshop how to prepare a competitive application had been done related to project relevance and need analysis, working in partnership, logical framework, impact and sustainability.

Prepared by: Dr Sengdeuane, NUOL and Bounthieng, SU