E+CBHE BRECIL Project Engagement Meetings

20-21 December 2017

NUOL and SU, Lao PDR


  1. Prof. Azirah (UM)
  2. Dr. Hariharan (UUM)
  3. Yee Chee Leong (UM)
  4. Siti Munirah Kasim (UM)

Summary of activity:

AEI had taken the initiative to visit both partner universities in Laos, namely the National University of Laos (NUOL) and Souphanouvong University (SU) to briefly present and walkthrough partnership involvements in the framework of BRECIL project and CBHE actions of the Erasmus+ programme. This visit consists of delegations from both UM and UUM and comprises meeting/s and networking with the top management and BRECIL committee/s of the Laotian universities.

At NUOL, presentations were conducted by the UM team to exchange information and discuss challenges and issues foreseen in project planning, communication and implementation. Teams from the IT Centre and Research Office have shared and discussed about the existing circumstances, infrastructures and needs for research development (as well as research governance) in the university.

Meanwhile, similar activities were conducted at SU. Representatives from the top management, Research and Scientific Services Office, and IT Centre were present and have introduced the delegations to a brief history of the university, followed by sharing sessions on the research needs and challenges, as well as the existing IT facilities and the university’s interest in open source solutions offered by the BRECIL project. Delegates were also given a tour to the IT control and training rooms for which training for teachers were conducted.

This activity has strengthens the relationships between both Malaysian and Laotian universities and will creates a positive and long-lasting impact on research development in both countries through capacity building efforts that will be implemented by this project. As such, good friendships between all Erasmus+ partner universities from the EU, Malaysia and Laos shall forge trust, stronger academic cooperation and project commitments from all parties.

Prepared by: Yee Chee Leong, UM