E+CBHE BRECIL Fourth Steering Committee Meeting

30 July 2018

Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya


  1. Prof. Azirah Hashim (UM)
  2. Prof. Low Wah Yun (UM)
  3. Mr. Andy Gibbs (UM)
  4. Prof Andreas Stoffers (UAL/SDI)Dr Sinan Asci (UAL/SDI)
  5. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Ahlsen (GOTH)
  6. Prof. Dr. Huda Ibrahim (UUM)
  7. Dr. Hariharan N. Krishnasamy (UUM)
  8. Assoc. Prof. Dr Azman Yasin (UUM)
  9. Dr Latsanyphone Souliyavong (NUOL)
  10. Dr. Mazni Omar (UUM)
  11. Mr. Vikate Phannalath (SU)
  12. Ms Bounthieng Vongsouangtham (SU)
  13. Ms Somchai Makesavanh (SU)
  14. Dr Soulidet Keobouaphet (SU)
  15. Yee Chee Leong (UM)
  16. Siti Munirah Kasim (UM)
  17. Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah Azman Firdaus (UM)

Summary of activity:

The fourth BRECIL Steering Committee Meeting was held on July 30th with representatives from each partner and programme university present. The purpose of the meeting was to update the consortium on several issues, concerns and forward planning related to BRECIL.

A roundtable update was mentioned whereby UM, GOTH, UUM, SU and NUOL had completed the creation of the Needs Analysis (NA) tool on July 18 2018. Both SU and NUOL have conducted the pilot testing of the NA tool. This will be followed by data collection and analysis from end July to mid September 2018. These activities must be completed in time for the Project Seminar, which takes place at the end of September at SU. A few outputs of the PREP Work Package (mainly Institutional Reports, ICT gap analysis report, Risk Assessment reports) need to be followed up by the respective parties.

Two key aspects were given prominence during this meeting - dissemination of project results and visibility of project impact and output and project quality management. Members of the consortium were advised to abide by the Erasmus+ guidelines on the usage of logos for any event or activity.

A series of upcoming activities are scheduled to take place as follows:

  1. Project Seminar at Souphanouvong University (26-28 September 2018)
  2. DEV 1 Requirement Meeting at University of Malaya (01-02 October 2018)
  3. Annual Quality Management Meeting at University of Malaya (03-05 October 2018)

The fifth Steering Committee Meeting will be held on 30 August 2018.

Prepared by: Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah Azman Firdaus, UM