E+CBHE BRECIL Financial Management Meeting (UM)

24 January 2018
Centre for Research Grant Management, UM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. Yee Chee Leong (UM)
  2. Siti Munirah Kasim (UM)
  3. Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah Azman Firdaus (UM)
  4. Saidatul Azura (UM)
  5. Dr Tan Hsiao Wei (UM)
  6. Nurfadila Shafina Mohd Redha (UM)
  7. Zufariza Abu Bakar (UM)

Summary of activity:

We held our first financial management meeting on Wednesday (24 Jan 2018) to brief representatives from the Institute of Research Management and Services (IPPP), and the Centre of Research Grant Management office (PPGP) on financial management for brecil, team coordination plus support.
We met with Dr Tan Hsiao Wei, Research Manager IPPP, Mdm Nurfadila Shafina Mohd Redha, Financial Officer IPPP and Mdm Saidatul Azura, Administrative Officer PPGP.

Prepared by: Aliyyah Nuha Faiqah Azman Firdaus, UM

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