ICT Tools Training Workshop

The ICT Tools Training Workshop was organized by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). The ICT training was based on the premise that the use of ICT would facilitate research. The participants required skills in using ICT so that they could be integrated into research. The pre-training preparation included materials/power points and relevant websites that were useful to understand the topics to be covered during the training.

The date for the first training session was fixed for 20 May, 2020 using Zoom. Most of the participants were from the Laos universities as can be seen in Figure 5. Details of the Zoom connection were provided to all participants and observers. The training was for duration of 2 hours.

The two-hour session comprised the introduction to SPSS, as well as the three applications, T-test, ANOVA, and correlation. The necessary data was provided earlier so that it could be used to show hypothetical examples on how to run the programs and interpret the results. Participants were given opportunities to take a hands-on approach when the data was analysed using the various functions available in the SPSS program.

The second training session on reference management was conducted on 28 May, 2020. All the participants had been provided with notes to install the Mendeley software before the training session. Trainees were advised to familiarise themselves with the software. Amongst the topics covered under Mendeley were utilising Mendeley for efficient reference management, automatically generate bibliographies, collaborate with other researchers using online, easily import papers from other research software, find relevant papers based on what the participants are reading, access your papers from anywhere online.

The output from the training was quite evident when the Laos partners presented 5 papers during the BRECIL Digital Symposium 2020 organized by Universiti Utara Malaysia.