BRECIL Digital Symposium



UUM successfully organized the two-day BRECIL Digital Symposium 2020 on 1 and 2 December. This marks the last major event for 2020 in the BRECIL Project which was initiated three year ago in 2017.

BRECIL is a multi-country Erasmus+ CBHE joint project involving higher education institutions from both the European Union and ASEAN countries. The earlier plan was to have a face-to-face Symposium with participants from partner universities, that is, Universiti Malaya, Gothenburg University, Groningen University, SDI Munich University, the National University of Laos and Souphanouvong University.

The advent of Covid-19 turned the Symposium into a digitalisation initiative in which 10 papers were presented. The Symposium provided an avenue for all partner universities to present research papers based on the skills acquired during the research training sessions. NUOL and SU presented a total of five papers using the knowledge and skills they had acquired throughout the training sessions and study tours since 2018.

This was a huge transformative process towards conducting research as many of the participants from Laos were on a steep learning curve about conducting research and research processes. The conference proceedings will be published in 2021.